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The greatest hinderance to the American people has long been the strong and persistent inclination to regard domestic and foreign affairs as separate spheres of concern. In reality, these matters resemble a Venn Diagram — they have distinct challenges and functions, to be sure, but they also overlap on several…

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Within the next several months, elected officials should add a tenth justice to the Supreme Court. For President Biden, packing the Supreme Court is not under serious consideration. However, the term “court-packing” comes from the 1930s, when President Roosevelt sought to expand the court explicitly in order to fill the…

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Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing sits firmly at the intersection of climate change, food systems, public health, and technology. Curtailing illegitimate fishing is a matter of protecting the marine ecosystems, nutrition security, and economic stability of coastal nations around the world. It is also an international safety imperative, as…

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Just War Theory, pioneered by Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, aims to balance the destructive immorality of war with the hard truth that organized violent conflict is sometimes necessary for the preservation of the greater moral good. Its principles are typically sorted into three categories: jus ad bellum, jus in…

“The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.” — Niels Bohr

On the matter of abortion, it is not wrong to be pro-life, nor is it wrong to be pro-choice. Both positions are based in profound moral…

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On the campaign trail, President-elect Biden expressed clear desires to unite a politically divided nation and to prioritize U.S. federal leadership addressing climate change. His incoming administration would do well to remember that unity and effective climate action are not only compatible, but mutually reinforcing. …

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The Problem

What will the social impact of coronavirus be? Historically, pestilence such as this has indeed altered societies. It makes sense, too, that in this destruction there is vast potential for change. Of course, change is not inherently bad but there are certainly both good and bad types of change. It…

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While home for the holidays, I was digging around my family’s garage for our set of Christmas lights. Scanning the dusty concrete room, my eyes fell on several curious items. A deer’s head hangs over the cork wall where we display an assortment of hammers, flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers, bent…

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it’s the bustling, the huff and puff

plus the sodium exhaustion

colloquialisms buzz buzz

on a hot and humid august afternoon

as the final violent bells turn to chimes in the summer breeze.

stroke of luck, lick the finger,

flip the page.

time is dripping in honey


and suddenly…

Matthew Gallagher

UF Grad // Sustainability & Innovation //

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